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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  June 6, 2015 9:00pm-9:31pm PDT

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a roadside standoff ends in gunfire. for the fit time in two years oakland poli are investigating a deadly shooting involving one of their own. tonight extra officers are patrolling city streets. good evening i'm katie marzullo. this morning staoff and shooting unfolded from a busy farmer's market. police say thear was involved in a burglary in save hours
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earlier. >> the bmw was first discovered by firefighters around 7:30 this morning parng along the off shore ramp of i-580. >> the person in the car was unresponsive and next to the person was a pistol. >> a loaded pistol. and police tried for an hour to wake the driver up and to get him to come up up the street from the farmer's market. a vendor took this cell phone. >> they were telling him to get out of his car with a meggo phone and he -- f a phone and he didn't and they heard him hitting the phone with somebody and a minute later tre were two shots and i guess they shot him. >> they broke the window and tried nonlethal force to make contact. >> aupon the last attempt to that the police officers approached that car and the person was awake and a
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confrontatn pursued and a person deployed the firear >> this is the first deadly spooting in two years ago. police are reviewing body cameras. it is triggering a mix of emotions from oakland residents. >> it shocking. >> i'm sick and tired of police murdering people. it is happening way too much in th country. >> the officer involved has been placed on leave. in oakland, abc 7 news. >> police have arrested a san jose bouncer for killing a club customer. 28-year-old jose rodas is charged with involuntary manslaughter. it is believed they got into a altercation. his friends drove him to the
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hospital where he died. a pickup truck overturned o byron highway and camino diablo in the city of byron southeast of antioch. this is a picture of the scene published on east county one of the injured is achild. the chp and the sheriff's office e investigating. >>abc 7 news was in emoriville as crews responded to a crash. the woman driving was killed when a car hit a building at a high speed. she was the onlyerson in the car and police are investigating ether there was amergency. a bicycle a man and his wife needs for a competition bike worth a mbined $18,000 to the bike o his motorcycle and drove
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from south carolina to san francisco for the race and this morning he walked out of his hotel to find the bicycles gone. somebody cut aecurity cable and to padlocks to take them. this happened a few feats from security and the hotel valet booth. >> early thursday morning i asked d oh, we have no problems here. we'll park you right here, the valet guys are there and the lobby, you can s where we're at and no issues at all and i felt really comfortable with that you know. >> the hotel is turning security deo over to police. meanwhile at this morning's check-in, the announcer told the triage athletes about what happened and someone donated bikes for their race. >> a thousand morners paid last respects to beau biden who died of brain ccer last week. he was 46 years old. >> president obama delivered the
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eulogy. calling him someonwho dedicated his life to his work. >> he brought to his work a mighty heart. he brought to his family a mighty heart. what a good man. what an original. may god bless his memory. >> special guests included cold play's chris martin. he volunteered to playhen he heard he was a fan. he was awarded the legion of merit at the service posthumously. a scare for airline passengers. two southwest airline planes clipped wings at bob hope. one of the planes was heading to sacrento. no one was hurt. both aircraft were taken out of service for repairs and inspection. passengers were booked on later flights. cal train riders have to take buses to get in and out of san francisco this weekend because trac work has forced
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cal train to clos the tracks between downtown san francisco and the bay shore station on the boer. shuttle buses will stop at fourth anding streets 22nd street and bay shore stations. trains are running their usual schedules between san jose and bay shore. >> volunteers joins habitat for manity for a blitz. volunteers were taking pa in a four day home build at a development on haren lane when an anonymous donor has given $150,000 to bring habitat together for people from different religions. for onvolunteer it is a chance of a lifetime. >> this is going to be our own home. it is so exciting. it is a dream come true for us and my kids are really happy. >> they say the volunteers will accolish in a single day what takes a construction crew a month. 20 homes a being hilt and
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seven will be framed and the total cost of the development is $7 million. still ahead on abc 7 news at 6:00, a look at the san francisco zoo new exhibit how it combines art and science to keep keep -- teach kids. >> who needs a familiy photograph. who took these first photos of prince george and princess charlotte. z/
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the san frcisco zoo opened a new exhibit toda designed to teach visitors about animals that don't live there. mary anhale took these photos of the zoo's youth and exploration zone. to features more than 60
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realistist sculptures of rare species. visitors can learn about eatures and how they adopt and how scientists divide animals into different species. and much safer that way. coming up on abc 7 news at 9:00 gettinready for the bay area legend who is picked to play the national anthem at the oracle arena tomorrow night. and the embarcadero. and to pulls it off today. we'll show you w and have reaction.
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but only one shot to master the chase mobile app. technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank. behold the royal siblings. the newly released pictures are the first official phos of the
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one month old princess charlotte in the arms of prince george. mom kate tok the pictures themself. it has become a tradition to came theme informal. michael middlen took a picture of prince george years ago and charlotte is now four in line to the thrown. and less than 24 hours away from game two and an icon will perform the national anthem. and carlos santana will perform the star spangled banner ongside his wife. it is significant for the couple. his career began in the bay area and his wife is a prestigious drummer from ohio. and we are celebrating the warriors and the best fans in basketball. during the nba finals we'll share your fan phos and choose an abc 7 fan of the day. and today that honor goeso glenn. glenn took over half court for this special moment.
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the two got engaged at a warriors game back in april. share your fan picks using the #dub on seven and include your city so we can give you a proper shoutout if you are chouzen as the next fan of the day. tomorrow on abc 7, world news tonight will air at 3:30 and at 4:00, the abc 7 news team will be live from the arena with the pre-game show and beginning at 4:30 abc 7 is t only place to see the game and then after the game will follow the game and then jimmy kimmel game night and followed by scandal at 10:00 and abc 7 news a11:00 and everything you could knee, sports, weather, news, entertainment, all right here on channel 7. >> and there will be no weather worries. fans will pack that arena under sunshine and temperatures will begin a warming trend and by
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monday will t will be down right hot in some locations. and some green around sacramento but the showers are light and falling apartnd there will be no moisture unfortunately to talk about the next 24 hours. so outside. earlier this evening the coastal clouds streaming in from emyville and waking up to skies around the bay tomorrow morning but high essure means lots of sunshine on the agenda for the afternoon. out there right ow 59 in oakland. 57 ihalf moon bay. and 54 in concord and 57 in antioch and a comfortable temperature right now of 60 grees. to the east light showers on ppler 7 hd but high pressure will would have in over the next 48 hours. as it does the dome of heat will move with it and temperatures are off to the races. to future temperatures tomorrow. the heat builds inland.
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fairfield about 90 degrees. coord. 88. oakland warmer ton today. 99 degrees. and clear lake and clover dale in the mid-90s and san hose warm at 84 degrees. fast forward into mond con cast napa in the 9s. 90 in san jose and upper 60s to mid-70s on the agenda for monday afternoon. overnight the clouds are moving in as we speak. temperatures falling into the mid and low 50s overnight and so that is the starting temperatures for tomorrow. highs on the sunday after early morning fog. 79 in vallejo. 80 in fremont, 84 in san jose and oakland tting to a high of 73. if youre headed to oracle arena for gam two of the nba finals. 2:00, fans move into the arena a lot of sunshine and mild. 71 degrees.
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golden sunshine by 5:00. by 8:00 as the game is wrapping up, high clouds and 61 deges and by 11:00, a cool breeze and a temperure of 60 degrees. into the pacific we go we have hurricane blanblanca. it does look like she's losing steam. winds now 120 mileper hour. she'll be off the coast of cabo san lucas. there could be heavy downpours and gusty winds along the peninsula and she weakened to a tropical storm and povs up to the peninsula through tuesday morning. showers possible in southern california but we won't s any showers from blanca. here is the accu-weather seven-day forecast. tomorrow morning fog. and at the arena, mid-70s. near 100 inland on monday, katie. tuesday warm to hot. even though the warriors are in cleveland, warm and humid there. and a few clouds on thursday for game four and friday and saturday a little change and
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sunshine and temperatures feeling summer like, in the 90s inland. >> i say the warriors are bringing the heat. >> they are. >> it will be great. >> tha you drew. over to shu with news on the poni if you would know being the stud that you are. >> i'm blushing. i'm o to pasture. >> th wasn't even written. >> i'm out to pasture. thorough bred in my day. a 37 year wait. the last triple crown wild i was a rocky inhe nfl. today the 147th running of the belmont stakes and american pharoah snaggethe hat trick of racing. here is the call. >> the 37 year wait is over. american proah is finally the one. american pharoah h won the triple crown. >> led from start to finish with jockey, victor espinoza abod, the 12th trip crown winner and
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trainer bob baffert wins his first triple crown in four tries. >> i'm emotial thiing about my parents, wishing they were alive to see this. i was hoping it would happen. and bob said y have w everything and they said you haven'won the triple crown and now i can answer that. and. >> now a win tomorrow night at oracle. teams that have taken a 2-0 lead have won 28%. and lebron james looking phomenal. 44 points, a career playoff high but not enough to win the warriors. now the path has gottenarder with the loss of kyrie irving. >> it is a tough pill to swallow. we've been in this situationand we knew he would come back but now that he's out for the rest of the finals and for a period of time, it is huge blow for our team. the guys have to pick it up in his absence.
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>> and tampa bay hosting chicago. will lightning stri twice? hawks, and the fourth in the playoffs, two on chicago and the lighing get the next two. johnson, backhander and squeaks through. 3-2 tamp after two. blackhawks tie it in the third. and deflected it evening the series at with a 4-3 game three moving to chicago. and johnson, a five game slide yesteay and two straight viories. rain delaying the game 29 minutes. and bum gardner is donant. in trouble bases loaded for francoeur. see yeah. grand slam. and mad bum helps his own cause. top seven. duffy coming in to score. and giants win the second
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straight 7-5 the final. and's legend in boston first inning, ramirez chavez deep to center, and two-run shot. let me do the math. burns extending the hitting streak to 11 games. and sogard will score and burns is in there. and a's down. and napoli singles to center and ortize -- ortiz scores. and fren op williams beat lucy safarova. lucy btling the flu all week but you couldn't tell. safarova can't handle the serve. serena would lose t second set and trail in the third but bounce back. match point. perfect placement on the return. she wins the 20th major single and the men's title is on
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sunday. opening game for the world's cup. and china's chow, and sinclair goeseft and canada wins 1-0. 49ers traded their punter to cleveland after 11 years with the tm and tiger woods shot the worst round of his career today. >> hard to watch. >> s, it was. >> and next at 9:00, a bi owner for one of our own. where congratulations are in order for david louie. >> i'm traffic reporter with your nba finals game two bart date. trains are closed between the coliseum maintenance through flootomorrow. trains are expected in time for the gamez/
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coming up tonight at 11:00, he was part of the a 1975 warriors championship team but he didn't play. tonight he shares his most memorable moments with us. and a nba finals challenge off the cour between two charity groups. what willappen to all of this bread tonight on abc 7 ns at 11:00. and now we want to recognize david louie, getting a big honor at the northern california emmy awards tonight. david started workingere at abc 7 news i 1972. since then he's been recognid with some of the most prince william eejous awards in journalist. the national academy of arts and sciences awarded him with the governor's award. the ceremony is under way right now and we'll have more tonight at 11:00 on abc 7 news. hu congratulations to david. >> thank you. >> standing up. >> thank you for watching.
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